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We design, manufacture and maintain hydrogen storage across a wide range of pressures

We are supporting the adoption and future growth of hydrogen energy with innovative and cost-effective storage solutions using Type 1 steel cylinders. We design, manufacture and maintain hydrogen storage across a wide range of pressures for applications such as Hydrogen Refuelling Stations, Green Hydrogen and Industrial Decarbonisation.

We are trusted for our outstanding reputation. We have a long standing history of working with gas majors to design, manufacture and service cylinder fleets. All cylinders are manufactured to meet international quality and safety standards and allow for modular expansion to meet future energy demand.

The partner of choice for Hydrogen solutions


Since the refuelling process for hydrogen vehicles requires higher pressure, we have developed a 500 bar hydrogen trailer. One of the advantages of this trailer is that it also facilitates the transportation of 200 bar hydrogen cylinders. This makes our trailer a leading player within the sector of future fuel transportation. We also offer various other solutions for the transportation of alternative fuels.


Storing hydrogen under high pressure and within the confinement of a small footprint such as a refuelling station, requires a highly technical solution. Here at CSC, we work closely with our customers to identify the best and cost-effective solutions for hydrogen refuelling stations around the world. We are supporting companies at the forefront of developing systems for this embryonic and growing industry.

CSC’s bespoke solutions reflect the size and pressure of the customers requirements. In regard to safety devices, the experience of Chesterfield Special Cylinders hydrogen solutions world-wide, has helped to make systems as safe as possible.

Type 1 cylinders are robust, long-life steel vessels that provide the safest storage option for high pressure hydrogen.


The efficiency of renewable plants is of major importance, especially in the storage of hydrogen or CNG (Biomethane). Whether you’re in need of a buffer system, a storage system or if you simply need to secure gas availability for process purposes, CSC has designed and installed various compatible projects all over the world.

We are well versed in the worldwide leading standards in design and re-testing. Our engineers will provide the most economical solution without compromising safety

In collaboration with leading players in this field, we have begun the analysis process, to identify a feasible solution for P2G plant.

Even if your project is at an early stage, we can use our experience to support you.