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Chesterfield Special Cylinders’ German company, Chesterfield Special Cylinders GmbH, was launched in 2013 to serve the defence, renewables, transport and storage sectors across mainland Europe and Scandinavia.

In order to serve our European clients, we believe that it is vital for our customers to have the highest calibre of design and engineering capabilities close to where they operate.

The company is underpinned by a sales and technical team considered to be the most experienced in the European gas containment sector offering the highest standards of design and engineering.

Michael Ulber, head of design and engineering, has over 20 years’ experience in designing high pressure gas vessels. He works closely with clients – such as navies around the world and renewables companies in Europe and Scandinavia – and is responsible for the calculation, design and engineering of pressure vessels in accordance to strict regulations such as AD2000/PED, ISO 11120, ASME-Code and DOT.

With vast experience in cylinder design, we are able to provide solutions to a range of sectors including defence, green technology applications and the transportation/storage of hydrogen.